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Noosa 7 Pieces Wicker Outdoor Lounge Set B02


Yet another reason why seven is such a lucky number !



Chances are there are six chairs around your dining table. So doesn’t it make sense to have six places for people to sit when entertaining? Well, that’s just what you get with the Noosa Seven-Piece Wicker Outdoor Lounge Set.

The four armless chairs and two corner chairs can be configured in a variety of ways. And by using the included clips they won’t spread apart at an inconvenient time.

There’s also a square coffee table with a 5mm transparent tempered glass top to hold everyone’s drinks and canapes.

Each piece is made from black wicker wrapped around a steel frame, making them sturdy yet easy to move around. And they come pre-assembled, which will save you time and effort.

And the 10cm-thick cushions feature covers that are both water resistant and machine washable. Because your guests may not always be as sturdy as your furniture.

And when your circle of friends grows and you need more seats, you can buy extra armless chairs, corner chairs and coffee tables that match what you already have rather than having to buy a whole new setting.


2 x square corner chairs | W800 x D800 x H680

4 x single armless chairs | W600 x D800 x H680

1 x coffee table | L630 x W630 x H400


Sydney, Brisbane and surrounds